DIY: Bunting Design Project for teen girl's room

December 2015 marked Clarice's thirteenth birthday.  As a new teen, Clarice desired an updated look in her bedroom. 

So, today we did a quick DIY project to craft some bunting for her room.

First, I bought the bunting supplies from Hobby Lobby.  There you will find kits made of fabric (as shown), burlap, or paper for sale.  While at Hobby Lobby, I bought a stencil set with bold, modern designs.  Because Clarice loves butterflies, so I purchased a butterfly stencil, too.

My original plan was very sketchy.  My main thought was to alternate a bold design flag with a more detailed drawing flag.  There are five fabric flags in this set.

Clarice works on hand drawing in some sketches of butterflies...

while I break out my favorite Posca fabric markers.

Clarice did detail work with this Pentel fabric pen.  These black pens feel as good on fabric as a rolling gel pen on paper.  They allow for precise work, but they run out fast!

Crystal prism pattern, butterflies, clover, and chevron.

Clarice drew a feather for the final flag.  Time to add the twine.

We are trying it out above Clarice's door.

Let me know if you try this project, too, and if you have any questions.  We enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon completing this together.  


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