7th Batch of Art-o-mat Mini Masterpieces

I sort of went crazy in October, November, and December with my Art-o-mat output.

I finished my seventh ever batch of Mini Masterpieces for Art-o-mat by early December.

This group featured bits of Paul Klee and Joan Miro'.

Usually, after I finish a batch, I treat myself and my daughter (Clarice, who has also been working on her Art-o-mat production) to an Art-o-mat purchase.  I snagged this Mona Wu block print at the machine at Krankie's Coffee.  I was so happy because I have been hunting Mona's work for a long time.

Krankie's Coffee hosts a beautiful machine whose glow brings you right in.

Yum!  I <3 Krankie's!

So did all these kids, who got to go there after a WFU Football game.  

Krankie's is the only place I know that's cool enough to handle 5 teens who want to do the Mannequin Challenge over and over!

Stay tuned and I'll report back with more Art-o-mat batch progress!


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