Step by Step: Next Art-o-mat Batch

I'm jazzed that I have completed another batch of 50 little paintings for Art-o-mat.

This is my 9th ever batch.  This time, I have shipped 50 blocks of Little Inspirations, to be dispensed in Art-o-mat machines all over the world.  Here is just one of these up-cycled former cigarette dispensing machines below:

(photo courtesy of Art-o-mat)

Look for a machine near you on this map.


Here's a step-by-step view of my progress with this batch.

I sketch floral designs + an inspirational word on black artist tiles, cut to fit Art-o-mat blocks.

Then I use my Sakura Gellyroll pens to begin filling in colors.

I keep the designs simple for maximum impact.

Next, I adhere the tiles to the blocks.

This time, I decided to paint some nail polish as highlights before I sprayed the blocks with a fixative.  

Then, I wrap the blocks in cellophane for easy dispensing and ship them off to the great Art-o-mat Warehouse of Goodness.

If you ever buy one of these, please drop me a line and let me know.


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