Update on Works in Progress

Clarice and I had a blast in the studio this weekend.  We added more Jackson Pollock to the blue and green painting, which I keep referring to as "Wild Sargasso Sea."  (Clarice thinks this name is hilarious.)

White splotches, silver, and dark blue swirls happened here.

Wild Sargasso Sea

Then, the coral painting that I refer to as the "more Mondrian-ish" piece had some gold geometric highlights added to its negative space.  After this, I felt like the painting was suddenly channeling some Gustav Klimt.  I'm calling this one "Coral with Turquoise and Gold Incidentals."  (Musical composers write incidental music to accompany or accentuate the action in scenes.) 

Coral with Turquoise and Gold Incidentals

I still feel like my background colors of bright blue and coral on these two paintings were inspired by Kandinsky.  I also felt that the lyrical, rhythmic lines might make him smile.  He believed each painting captured a musical symphony.  Maybe he would think of the iridescent gold blocks as cymbals crashing.

Each painting measures 16" x 20" and was completed using acrylic paints on canvas.


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