New MIRO Class is Live

If you are looking for a short online class on abstract art, then check out my new Skillshare class on Joan Miro'.  For a very limited time, the first 25 students in this Abstract Elements class can use this link to enroll for free.

You can check out the intro video on my Vimeo page.

We will choose elements from Miro's work and execute quick, little paintings.  This class will help artists:

  • deepen their acrylic painting skills,
  • learn about acrylic painting markers,
  • begin a series of miniature artworks,
  • break down complex abstract ideas into manageable parts, and
  • develop quickly as an abstract painter.
Here is our supply list and some excellent resources (books, painting interpretations, articles) to help students further their understanding of Joan Miro'.

Can't wait to see you there!  As a special thank you, please feel free to print this inspirational quote by Miro' from my June newsletter.  (The sign-up form is on the right side of the home page.)


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