Clarice's Artomat prototype

Clarice is so excited because her "BoogerBrain" prototype for Artomat has been accepted.  She can begin production immediately.

Clarice cannot wait for people to "kerplunk" her art, and for all the dollar$ to roll in.

When bubbles pop, BoogerBrains are born.  They are giddy little creatures too small for you to see.  They have many hobbies like singing, which they call “snorggling.”  BoogerBrains also love to eat, and their favorite food is shoelaces.  They are not the smartest little critters, but they are very loyal and friendly.  BoogerBrains come in different colors, and they love sparkles.  I’ve captured the likeness of a BoogerBrain here for you.  Try to collect them all. 

    - Clarice


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