Winners for 2 week MoDeRn ArT Challenge

Last night, my students posted their final projects in my two week abstract art challenge on Skillshare.  This means that today is a very difficult day because I have to choose the winners for the giveaway prizes in my class.

I have outstanding students who work so hard, and I wish I could give each of them a gift for the hard work and knowledge sharing they brought to this class.  That's why I decided to start a newsletter on this blog with a free, monthly calendar giveaway.  (Sign up for the newsletter by adding your email to the "Follow by Email" subscribe option on the right side of my homepage.)

I appreciate the contribution of each student in my class, and I will blog about their efforts more in the near future.

Without further ado, here are the winners to my 2 week challenge:

Sookie Sachs wins the survey giveaway of original, handpainted watercolor art by Australian Brooke Wong.  Under the name @artbybee7, Brooke has a beautiful Instagram account as well as a YouTube channel where she posts her speed paintings.  


Rebecca Vadnie wins the original drawing by New York contemporary artist Ilan Leas.


Fie_ wins the t-shirt by Austin, TX, artist Sophie Roach.  To learn more about Ilan and Sophie's work, please check out this blog post.

Carella Herberger wins the Art-o-carton prize with ten original pieces of art by ten Art-o-mat artists.  There are such gorgeous works in this box.  You can learn more about the individual artists here.

Winners, please send me an email at with the address at which you want to receive your giveaways.  Thank you, again, to everyone who participated.  Each participant added so much to my class.

Stay on the lookout for my next class (on Mondrian) to debut at the end of this month!


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