Resources: 2 Books, 2 Podcasts on Kandinsky

In my abstract art class on Skillshare, my students and I have discussed some additional resources to delve deeper into the life and work of the "Father of abstract painting," Wassily Kandinsky.  (These discussions often take place in the individual comments in the Project Gallery.  Check out the gallery to be inspired by the work of the talented, creative artists in my class.)  

I compiled these resources below so you can bookmark this blog post for future exploration.


  • This book by Hajo Dutching has page after page of full-color paintings by Kandinsky. In paperback, it's a nice, lightweight, inexpensive book to take with you when you need to spend a night sketching in a cafe.  The beautiful, illustrated pages inspire every time I open the volume.  Especially at the used price on Amazon, this book will only add value to your sketchwork.

(cover image from Amazon)

  • If you enjoy podcasts, check out Modern Art Notes. The actual link to a podcast about the beginnings of abstract art is here.  This podcast was produced to compliment this exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in 2012.  

  • Kandinsky's book called Concerning the Spiritual in Art explores the how he believed that art could improve humanity.  Although many assume that Kandinsky and his contemporary, Picasso, used similar styles, they did not.  (They also had very distinct personalities.)  Picasso wanted to deconstruct representative images, and he achieved fame with his ground-breaking Cubism.  Kandinsky wanted to start from nothing and build up from there.  You can listen to the book as you paint by checking out this itunes podcast link.  Amazon also carries the book if you prefer the non-audio version.

Wassily Kandinsky. Murnau Street With Women. 1908 year
Murnau Street with Women, 1908


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