#the100DayProject on Instagram

Starting today, Tuesday, April 19, through Wednesday, July 27, artists all over the world will begin posting their first drawings, paintings, or illustrations for a 100 day challenge on Instagram.  You can find these posts by searching for the hashtag:  #the100dayproject on Instagram.

(photo courtesy of Chinese artist, "Bear Ingrid" a.k.a. @it0423 on Instagram.)

Artists are encouraged to use the hashtag #the100dayproject in addition to making their own hashtag.  

Today, I began my first in a series of sketches I will complete for the challenge.  They are called #100DaysOfLittleInspirations.  It's exciting to have the opportunity to sketch toward a goal of deepening my potential visual ideas for my Art-o-mat series, Little Inspirations.

It's also exciting to be working simultaneously with artists from all over the globe.  There are even art instructors from Skillshare participating, including Elle Lune and Ria Sharon.  

Although my Abstract Art with a Twist class series is not exclusively a sketching class, I encourage students to sketch daily.  I firmly believe in the value of keeping a sketchbook.  And this is why:

Eventually the ideas you have in your head come out in your sketchbook.  From the sketchbook, you will translate and develop your strongest, best, and most significantly personal ideas in your paintings.

If you need a reason to jumpstart your creativity, work quickly through lots of potential compositions, and join an artistic community dedicated to the same goal, then I encourage you to carve out a few minutes to sketch today and each of the next 99 days. 

I look forward to seeing you along the way.  Happy art-making! 


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