Notes from the field: Art-o-mat Little Inspirations

photo courtesy of Little Inspiration patron, Abbi

Spreading inspiration, one work at a time

In November, I received a lovely note from Abbi, who is a student at the beautiful Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. She and her friends purchased art from the Art-o-mat machine at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

If you don't know what Art-o-mat is, then check out this blog post or contact me and I will explain how to get involved in this affordable art phenomenon.  Art-o-mat celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.  You can learn how it started and how many people it touches by listening to this awesome podcast.

Here is Abbi's kind email:

Hi Nicole!
My name is Abbi and I was at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston yesterday. I wound up purchasing one of your pieces out of their old cigarette machine. I just wanted to let you know how amazing it is and how my friends even continued to put money in the machine and buy more of your work. They are so beautiful.
I go to Salve Regina University in Newport RI, but I live in Plymouth MA. So your work will travel between both with me :)

I really appreciate Abbi's feedback, especially since I had updated my Little Inspirations series significantly this summer.  Thanks so much for reaching out!

Endearing Young Charms

My Endearing Young Charms series is about to get a another major makeover through a collaboration with my daughter, Clarice, and her BoogerBrain series.  In October, I updated my charms by using only vintage bottlecaps.  

This month, Clarice and I together are working to create Endearing Young Charm necklaces with BoogerBrain art featured.

These will be available soon! 

Thanks for being a part of this creative community.


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