Vintage Bottlecap Necklaces + Friday night in Winston-Salem

Vintage Bottlecap Necklaces

September was a really fruitful month of Art-o-mat activity.  I added sentimental value to my Endearing Young Charms handmade necklaces by using real, vintage bottlecaps on each necklace.  I particularly love this Strawberry Soda font.

The front side of each necklace is handstamped and drawn with a special word like "love" or "joy."

(Alex helped.)

I hope that if you vend one of these special edition Endearing Young Charms at an Art-o-mat location, that you will enjoy the trip back in time that these bottlecaps represent.

Some of the bottlecaps are from the pre-plastic era and had cork inside.  
All the Diet Sundrop Colas have cork liners.

I thought the Caravan brand Orange and other flavor bottlecaps were lovely since they depicted camels crossing the desert with Egyptian pyramids in the background.  Pretty detailed for a bottlecap!

My cousin and I used to call "RC" his drink since his name is Ryan Carter.

My children picked out their favorite caps and of course, insisted that I make necklaces for them.

I had never heard of My Pop's Root Beer.  Has anyone ever drunk this?

Stay tuned for more vintage bottlecap offerings in the future.

Friday Night in the Winston-Salem Arts District

I took the opportunity to enjoy the First Friday Gallery Hop in downtown Winston-Salem...

And found a little gem in the gorgeous red Art-o-mat machine at the Red Dog Gallery.

My "Golden Girl" by local artist Laura Lashley

Artists in Cellophane have varied original works available with the pull of a little lever.

It is always hard for me to decide what to vend.

The machine is well guarded by the Red Dog at Art for Art's Sake.

Even the restrooms have awesome design.

Outside a band lit up the night at Artivity on the Green.

I was really sad that I missed Laura Lashley's show at Delurk Gallery in September.  Stopping by Delurk on Friday night, I got to see a couple of her outstanding originals up close.

Artists in Cellophane should recognize this artist:  it's Dennis Wells standing next to his piece.  He also creates the gorgeous "In Their Own Words" series and just finished a significant work of Maya Angelou at the Convention Center.  You can see his art all over Winston-Salem.

Loved this 3D piece by Jack Herndon, currently at Delurk

The work of Stacy Crabill really drew me in.  Her lively, colorful designs attracted the audience.

You can see how she juxtaposes famous sayings with vintage design and antique images.

Her quirky, fun sense of humor shines through in each piece.

I have never met Stacy, but I hope you give her website a look and if you can swing by Winston this month, do not miss her show there!


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