Kandinsky-inspired student project on Skillshare

I am one proud teacher today because one of my students has completed her first-ever Kandinsky-inspired painting in my Skillshare class.  Here is Aura's painting:

She came up with her own ideas about pairing colors and shapes.  My favorite part of her painting is the left side, in the middle of the paper.  It looks like there is an abstract girl with glasses and pigtails peeking out from behind the shapes.

I am encouraging my students to put their personal touch on the paintings.  Kandinsky had very precise ideas about color and shape theory.  He called circles "dull," and said they should be blue.  He thought more "dynamic" shapes like triangles needed brighter colors like yellow.  This came from his book called Concerning the Spiritual in Art.

He also gave his students at the Bauhaus School a test that asked what colors they associated with certain shapes.

To learn more about Kandinsky and other artists who taught at the Bauhaus school, check out this excellent book.

To learn more about Kandinsky's color and shape theories, here are some quick resources below.

Happy art-making!


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