Letter from Greg the Virtuous

This is possibly the best art collector/artist correspondence ever. As y'all know, I produce a series for Artomat called Little Inspirations. A keen art collector, Greg from Vancouver, happened to purchase one of these little gems in Hawaii. After Thanksgiving, he was kind enough to send me a note.

(You can enlarge the emails below by clicking on them.)

Greg also sent pictures of the particular Little Inspiration that he purchased:

Here it is, prominently displayed in his home.

And here, it is displayed alongside his bed, possibly to bring him the joy of reclaimed virtue, fresh each morning.

This letter was amazing, and I really appreciated the fact that Greg was connecting with the art on a deeper level.

Here is my response to Greg below.

It is entirely possible that next, Greg the Virtuous responded to me with details of how he originally lost his virtue, but I must defer to the Ann Landers in all of us and draw the curtain at this point.

Needless to say, I'm very glad that Greg is getting the maximum enjoyment from what will be probably be just the beginning of a vast, private art collection.

Happy art-making, all!


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