Feedback & Letters

Feedback to improve my work

Feedback makes me so happy.  One way that I get feedback from art connoisseurs is by posting questions on Instagram.  Lately, I've been polling folks to see if I should add more detail or less detail to my watercolor and ink floral paintings.

Here's an example of a recent Instagram poll:

Should I add detailed ink "dots" on these sunflowers below?

Or, should I keep the lines as clean as possible?

Folks are helping me figure these things out.  If you have an opinion to make my work better, please let me know!

Letters from Collectors

I really appreciate hearing from those who have bought one of my little Art-o-mat works.  Two recent letters have warmed my heart.

This email is from Cate in NC who "ker-plunked" an Endearing Young Charm keychain:

Hi Nicole! 

Just wanted to let you know I got your flower bottle top keychain the other day from the Artomat at Hutch & Harris! I love it, and thank you :) 


This email is from Tiffany in Georgia.  She purchased a Little Inspiration watercolor flower block with hand lettering:

Hi Nicole,

Your piece made it to Gainesville, GA!

I just wanted to write you that I picked up one of your beautiful pieces in the Art-o-mat (I think that’s what it was called) Machine at Lover’s Leap on Lookout Mountain at Rock City J

The piece I got is a beautiful rose with “faith” written on the leaf. Your work is beautiful and I just wanted to write you to tell you how uplifting your work is.

Thanks for brightening the world with your creativity!


And finally, here's a note from Lori in Tennessee.  She also purchased something from Rock City, but this time, it's a Little Inspiration:

Hello Nicole
I just acquired a piece of your art from the Art-o-mat at Rock City in Chattanooga, TN.  Love it!

You can see that my art lives a much more exciting life than I do!  I will try to visit Hutch & Harris Pub in Winston-Salem, NC, as soon as possible.

Thank you, Cate, Tiffany, and Lori, for letting me know that you are enjoying your art!


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