Springtime Art Edition for Art-o-mat

Clark Whittington, the founder of Art-o-mat, sent out a call to all Artists in Cellophane for inspirational work.  An Episcopal church in Winston-Salem will host several Art-o-mat machines this Easter.  Those attending the service will be offered the opportunity to gift vend from a machine.

The Rector will describe the Resurrection.  He will also reference how Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was originally an industrial tobacco town and now is the City of Arts of Innovation.

Below you will find my submissions from my Little Inspirations series for this special event.

Springtime Edition of Little Inspirations

Early drawing stages for my Little Inspirations

starting some sunflowers

another layer or so of watercolor

"sketchy" succulents

more layers of color

Prepping the blocks:
I will adhere each small painting to a block.

For the first time, I tried some watercolor spray effects in the background (tiny pink dots).

In the real world, there are few blue flowers.  
In your imagination, anything can happen!

before the individual blocks are cut from my Canson 140 lb. watercolor paper.

The themes for the event are positivity, hope, nature, spring and happiness.

This matches really well with my hand-lettered words that I choose for my Little Inspirations series.

I sincerely hope that those who receive the gift of my art this Easter 
leave the service with a special blessing.

Happy spring!

Clarice's Delivery:  Endearing Young Charms

Clarice also worked hard to create a batch 50 charms necklaces and keychains.  They are not for the spring event, but for Art-o-mat machines elsewhere.

She used old bottlecaps to make necklaces and inserted her BoogerBrain characters into each one.

Art-o-mat always needs talented artists.  If you are interested in joining this affordable, accessible movement, then please contact the Art-o-mat folks and send in your prototype today!


  1. Nice! Two talented artists in the family!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Monica. You can see that I've always used art as a way to do projects together and basically spend time with the kiddos (although Steve often gets roped in, too).


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