Update on #the100DayProject

Just wanted you show you my progress for #the100DayProject happening on Instagram and Twitter.

Day 12: Painted a landscape on a 1" wood round with acrylic paints.  You can see the tiny hole in the top so we can hang this up later.

Day 11:  Easter Bunny on the brain!

Day 10:  classic Endearing Young Charm - handpainted flower in a bottlecap pendant

Day 9: #SaveTheBees

Day 8:  "Etched" flowers, handpainted

Day 7:  Baby penguins make everyone happy.

Day 6: 3-D roses

Day 5:  whimsical flower trio

Day 4:  Indian Blanket flowers

Day 3:  Yellow Daisy

I love how this project allows you to experiment with different media, take chances and then reflect later on whether you accomplished the desired effect.  We will see if I get anywhere near achieving my goals for this project.

I hope you are enjoying finding other projects on Twitter and Instagram, also.  Remember to look for the hashtag #the100dayproject to search easily for artists' work.


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