#The100DayProject Goals

Day 2/100 for #the100DayProject

Above you will find my pale blue druzy-like pendant necklace.  This is another piece of handmade Endearing Young Charms jewelry.

A druzy shimmers because it is made of tiny crystals which catch and reflect light at countless angles.  I love the glittering effect, the geometric complexity, and the variety of colors you can find with druzies. 

This pendant is a re-creation of a druzy that I handmade to glimmer in the same manner.  It's another of my Endearing Young Charms - just a little different from my handpainted watercolor pendants.


In yesterday's post, I described the 100 Day challenge attracting artists and artisans from all over the world.  This phenomenon is happening on Twitter and Instagram.  You search for this content on either social media platform with the hashtag #the100dayproject.

Painting with one common theme is not a new idea, nor is a project spanning 100 days.  But this particular incarnation of the project began taking off on Instagram a few, short years ago.  Elle Luna really got the ball rolling and in 2017, she and Lindsay Jean Thomson, as co-leaders, have offered an online course to accompany the challenge.  However, you can participate for free, without question.

Goals for my 100 Day Project

When committing to something as crazy as creating (and posting the results) for 100 consecutive days, it's probably an excellent idea to identify goals you want to accomplish. 

Last year, which was the first year I participated, my main goal was to become firmly established in working in my sketchbook.  I will tell you that spending time on the 100 Day Project was not always easy, and I had to skip some days.  I think I even finished late. 

Nevertheless, the self-imposed, voluntary deadline took on a significance I could not imagine.  The fact that so many other crafters and artists were simultaneously committed also meant that I had a community -- a well of inspiration -- to draw from.  This momentum kept me focused and resulted in the daily discipline of drawing.  I find time to sketch now -- moments I had never considered as possible "art time" -- all because this project pushed me to carve out some time in my day to draw.

This year, my goals are a little more developed.  Focusing on my Endearing Young Charms handmade jewelry collection, I want to:

  1. Devise 100 new designs for pendants,
  2. Discipline myself to remain consistent in branding a series of work,
  3. Finding the best art and craft supplies to showcase my work, and
  4. Improve my merchandising skills, including:
    • Finding the best backgrounds to display products, and
    • Framing better quality, simpler photos to show the jewelry's strengths.

Just now finding out about PRIMA brand watercolor confections.  Prima Marketing makes miniature, portable watercolor palettes.  I am addicted to them!  How did get along without them?  I am using them to make simple, abstract, complementary backgrounds for my charms.  I feel sure I will use this vibrant CLASSICS palette to make more charm designs in the near future.

Let me know if you join, too

If you decide to take the plunge, I hope that you also find this challenge to be a exercise in adding quality as well as quantity to your body of work.  Let me know how it's going for you.  I'm already interacting with some of you on social media.  I will keep an eye out for your work since we makers are all in this together!


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