Art Supplies for my 2 week MoDeRn CrAfT Workshop

Several years ago, I wanted to experiment with acrylic paints beyond the surface of a stretched canvas.  This is when I began exploring gourds and wood crafts as grounds.

My wood arrow craft from my Klimt class, with reference work behind.

If you are a student in my Skillshare craft workshop, you may have many questions about where to buy these items and what paints work well on these surfaces.

I cover some of these questions in our Klimt or Matisse class videos, but this blog provides a great place for me to provide more details.

Where to buy gourds:

I have bought pre-cut, craft-ready gourds from the following US retailers:
I always buy my gourds cleaned, which means that the dirt has been scrubbed off the surface.  But many folks enjoy growing and cleaning their own gourds.  

Please make a note of shipping times as delays could set you behind your original project timeline. Also, please keep in mind that not all countries allow you to import gourds.  (One student from Australia has told me that she has been unable to grow gourds in her soil, and the country will not allow gourd imports.)

Here is a gourd I painted loosely in the style of Mondrian.

Where to buy wood crafts:

In the US, pre-cut wood crafts are easier to find and purchase than gourds.  
have large portions of their stores devoted to wood crafts.

These retailers also tend to have large weekly coupons on one item in the store and in some cases, online.  These promotions may undercut buying a raw wood craft through amazon or some other online-only retailer.

Here is a quick little video of the finished mini birdhouse I painted for the Klimt class.

What type of paints do we need?

To paint on wood or gourds, you should use acrylic or craft paints.  What kind?  Remember my rule:  always purchase the highest quality paints you can afford.  

I know some of you may be asking yourselves, "Does the quality of the paint make as much difference as the talent of the painter?"  My short answer is, "Yes, quality of materials does make a difference!"
  • Acrylic paints I recommend:  If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will find detailed information about the types of paints that I buy.
  • You will also find information about Uni-Posca acrylic paint markers, the only brand I use (because they rarely drip and have an excellent consistency).  I will use these markers extensively as I make a Matisse mini birdhouse along with you in this workshop.  
I learned about these markers from artist Ilan Leas.  (Thanks, Ilan!)  He is a wonderful, talented, NYC-based artist whose work has been offered as a giveaway in a former workshop of mine on Skillshare!

Work by Ilan Leas, on archival black paper, using Uni-Posca acrylic markers

Please let me know if you have any questions about materials or supplies for this workshop.  The fastest way to reach me is via email at nicole(at)nicolettaarnolfini(dot)com.

I can't wait to create with you!


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