Artomat delivery: Endearing Young Charms

Very early Tuesday morning, I delivered 200 Endearing Young Charms to worldwide Art-o-mat headquarters, USA.

This delivery included one batch of 50 keychains and 3 batches (of 50 each) of bottlecap necklaces.  

I've never done 4 batches at one time.  This is my 13th Art-o-mat batch ever.

(photo courtesy of Art-o-mat)

Clark loaded up his truck the next day to take a huge delivery to the Cosmo in Las Vegas.

I have been staying up late at night, packing more handmade items that I painted on the weekends.

Alex has helped me keep the creative juices flowing.

Just a couple early process shots

A couple necklaces went to some special people.

Clarice and I will work a local craft fair next weekend, so I've been making more keychains and necklaces to sell.

Then we'll get another Art-o-mat batch or two together for December delivery.

Here is Peyton's necklace that he won on my Instagram challenge.  Congrats, Peyton!

In other news...

Our whole family has started making scented candles.  Our house smells wonderful!

Clarice and I will take some of these to the craft fair.

And Alex wanted us to have plants during the winter, so we went crazy on some succulent purchases.  I hope to sketch these soon!  (Alex's favorite is called Chocolate Soldier -- it's at 3 o'clock in this photo.)

Hope you have a magical, relaxing weekend, full of creative endeavors!


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