The Story behind Simplicity

A kind art collector, Christine from Oakland, California, recently wrote me.  She bought one of my Little Inspiration series pieces called Simplicity from an Art-o-mat machine.  (Thanks, Christine!)

I promised to tell her the story behind the artwork.

You will find Simplicity at the top:  blue flowers on green blocks.

Simplicity is near the middle of this group of Little Inspirations.  It's on a red block here.

I was one of those little girls who liked to pick flowers for my mother.  Our tough, red Piedmont earth in Charlotte, North Carolina, allowed tiny little bluet wildflowers to dance in the breeze on a warm day.

Here is an up-close look at bluets:

There is a pearlized finish on each petal.  These tiny flowers are remarkable, even though they require the daintiest bud vase to hold them.

When I imagine what Simplicity is, I remember the delight I took in finding these wildflowers for my mother and displaying them in our tiny vase.  

When my daughter was four years old and found these flowers in our yard, all the memories washed over me.  

Today, I hope you find the beauty in simplicity.


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