Artomat Sales: Chicago, OK, and more

Just got my little green cards from Artomat, and here are the latest venues to peddle my Little Inspirations, so I updated my sales map.

There are two machines in Chicago, Yusho Japanese Restaurant on North Kedzie Avenue hosted my art.  Evidenly, Yusho takes Ramen noodles and turns them into heaven

Here's a snapshot of the Artomat machine in Yusho.

Another really cool thing I learned from my green card is that I have Little Inspirations now living in a machine owned by private collector Christian Keesee.  He has a lovely Art-o-mat living in Oklahoma.

I appreciate the purchases of each collector who happened on my little pieces at Whole Foods Austin, Whole Foods in Downtown Los Angeles, the Smithsonian, and Artfully Elegant in good old Pennsylvania.  I also enjoyed some very nice letters (3!) from this batch of tiny paintings. I cherish each letter!


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