DIY Handbag Design: Wings

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had some quality art + design time.  
You know what that means: (*wink, wink*) I painted something.

I wanted to use my wings sketch on a handbag.
So I broke out one of my Thirty-One purse skirts,
and promptly began altering it.

Because of its length, this grey purse skirt was perfect for the job.
First, I sketched my design on the bag in pencil.
Then I used a black Pentel gel roller for fabric to trace my design.

The fabric has less cotton content than that of a canvas bag.  
That just meant that I occasionally had to clean little fuzz bits 
off the point of my pens. 

I love my Posca fabric pens.  
Originally, I was not planning to use the white marker, 
but my daughter talked me into it.

Time to put the skirt back on the purse!

I enjoyed this project.  One challenge was finding wings that were appropriate for the size requirements.  Through my sketching, I learned that it's very easy to get wings wrong.  
Let me know if you try this project and what you think about it.

Happy art-making!  


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