What is an Artomat machine? How you get art from it?

Today, a friend asked me what an Artomat machine looks like and how does it work.

Here is a picture of some svelte, refurbished cigarette machines that now vend original art for $5 a pop!

photo courtesy of Artomat

I make "Little Inspiration" blocks and

"Mini Masterpieces" that combine a morsel of a masterwork with a bit of art history.
These items go in little white boxes that are the same size of old cigarette packs.
You put $5 in the machine; you "kerplunk" original art.

Clark Whittington, a Winston-Salem artist, thought up the whole idea and he runs the Artomat show.  If you are interested in joining Artomat as an artist, or if you know someone whose art would be a good fit, please contact Clark and all the good folks at Artomat.

Remember:  it's all about affordable, accessible art.  The artists who participate believe that art is something every man, woman and child should be able to enjoy -- a simple pleasure.  Want to know where to find one of these awesome machines near you?  Check out the official map.


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