Sketchbook Magic Class

If you don't have a membership for Skillshare, you have to get one.  It's an incredible value.  There are so many creative people taking classes online and teaching classes here, it's amazing!

I have started Ria Sharon's Sketchbook Magic class.  She encourages opening your mind to anything:  any material, any shapes or marks.  The only thing she won't tolerate is excuses.  She wants students to commit to a drawing a day.

I admit that it's hard sometimes, but just taking the class pushed me to draw without any expectations of the finished product.

I did this little doodle at Panera for my Day 4, #MakeArtAnywhere challenge.  
My Kandinsky book quietly whispered that I could do it!

Ria has a calming voice and positive energy.  I encourage you to get a Skillshare membership and take her class as soon as possible.  


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