Aztec hand painted shoes

This was my first pair of painted shoes from Old Navy back last fall.  I completed them around December.  This was the pair on which I really learned how to do this. 

I used Aztec-inspired patterns.

My Posca paint pens were outstanding with one exception:  the gold iridescent marker bled a bit (on this top sun/circle).  That is very unusual for Posca pens.  I did not have the trouble again with any other pens, but I stopped using the metallic pens on canvas shoes.

On the back, I used Sharpie pens.

I painted my circular "suns" with white pain on the opposite side of the shoe.

This was my underlying drawing.

I used a light art pencil as the base layer.

This was not as complicated a pattern as I completed on the white canvas shoes earlier this summer.

Have you painted shoes?  Drop me a line with your tips and tricks.

I'm gearing up to paint my first pair of Van's white canvas shoes.  I'll keep you posted on the progress.


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