Painted Shoes

Last summer I bought a pair of plain white canvas shoes from Old Navy.  My goal was to decorate through handpainting.

They reminded me of Keds(TM), which everyone wore back when I was a kid.  
Do people still wear Keds now?

The reason I did not get to paint the shoes was simply because I had baby no. 3 in August 2017.  
Baby Nate put a big stop a lot of personal painting pursuits for a while!

So I have finally been able to let loose and paint these shoes.  

You can see I'm using a lot of 
freehand doodling, and geometric designs.

I also wanted to incorporate 
floral imagery, swirls, and
some primitive mountain designs.

It's been a fun project with Posca paint markers, Sharpie markers, and lots of imagination.

I'm well on the way to finishing shoe no. 2 to make the pair.  Can't wait to wear these babies!

Thanks for being a big part of my art blog.


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