October 31 Creative Break: Things Worth Sharing

Hi, y'all,

Happy Halloween!

I hope this short list recharges your creative batteries or gives your mind a rest.  Enjoy these things worth sharing.

1.  Stranger Things 2 debuted on Friday on Netflix, and this season's unsung hero looks to be Bob Newby.  Actor Sean Astin reminded us all that the world needs more positive male role models who are sweet, kind, and would fight for you no matter the cost.  #BobNewbySuperhero is currently trending on Twitter.

2.  Computer-generated graphics have already changed film experiences for us. Ever wonder what our movies may look like in the future?

3.  Here's a list of 10 ways to slow down and enjoy life:  much needed advice in our hectic and always-connected world.

4.  Many artists celebrate October as "Inktober," and this year provided beautiful examples of good, old fashioned, 2-D drawings.

5.  Give yourself 3 minutes to enjoy a short video of a watercolor floral painting in process.  I will try to get more short videos out for your viewing pleasure in the future.
Thanks for reading!  If you like this newsletter, saw something cool you want to share, or have a comment, drop me a line at nicole (at) nicolettaarnolfini (dot) com.


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