Winston-Salem Summer Art Camp at Art For Art's Sake

Clarice had a blast in beautiful downtown Winston-Salem this summer.

I feel sure this mural was painted by artist Laura Lashley.

In July, she participated in an art camp at Art For Art's Sake.

This artist collective has helped make downtown more colorful and vibrant. 

Clarice especially loved posing at a nearby mural.  Does anyone know who painted this one?  My guess is Laura Lashley, but please correct me in the comments below or via email if I am wrong:  nicole (at) nicolettaarnolfini (dot) com.  Thanks! 

Clarice and Monique overlooking the beautiful park with a sculpture that 
sprays water for fun times in the summer.

A mandatory side visit to Camino Bakery, an Art-o-mat host.

Monique and Clarice display their outstanding panels.

More fun places to check out in this awesome complex.

You can keep up-to-date with AFAS on their Facebook page.  
There is always something really cool going on.


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