New Artomat sales + fellow artist, Chris V.

I was really excited recently to get some green sales report cards in the mail from Art-o-mat. (Surrounding the green cards are some recently painted Matisse seaweed blocks from my Mini Masterpiece series.)

I have updated my map below to show my recent sales venues.  

You can click on this map to see more details.

New venues for recent sales

Here's a quick look below at some of the destinations my art has traveled.

Emerson Center, Bozeman, Montana

When I saw that I had sold several pieces at the arts nonprofit Emerson Center in Bozeman, Montana, I could not help but think of a song that my Dad always sang to my nieces and nephews with strawberry blonde hair.

My Dad would always ask the kids if they were "The Red-headed Stranger from Blue Rock, Montana."

This exasperated them no end.

Here's the ballad by Willie Nelson for your listening pleasure.  I would love to visit Montana one day, so the Emerson Center is now on my bucket list.

Halsey Institute, Charleston, South Carolina

I absolutely love Charleston, SC, so now I have (yet) another reason to go visit this gorgeous seaside city:  the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston.

Art for Art's Sake, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This gorgeous, new building is an outward symbol of artist commitment and civic pride in Winston-Salem, NC.  Several Artists in Cellophane (Art-o-mat artists) actively work and teach here.  My daughter, Clarice, is participating in an art camp there this week.

You can learn more about this artist collaborative on the AFAS website.

Free Range Brewing, Charlotte, North Carolina

There's a new brewery in my hometown of Charlotte:  Free Range Brewing is open for business in the historic NoDa (North Davidson) area. NoDa is such a cool, hip place.  If you ever find yourself in Charlotte, just drive a little north of Uptown so you can experience this entertainment district.

Thank you to fellow artist, Chris V.

The last couple years, I have published several classes online and through that experience, I met many working, fellow artists.  One of those was Chris, who has a fantastic new website and newsletter.

Chris specializes in modern jewelry design and graphic design (both digital and analog), and her keen eye comes from her experience in the fashion industry.

You can see Chris' Instagram account by clicking on the above image.

Often in my art adventures, I get to meet people who are using their creative energy to add to the world in a positive way.  You can see through Chris' art and teaching, that she radiates this generosity.

Check out her website, sign up for her newsletter, or join one of her classes online.

Thanks, Chris, for your creative inspiration!


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