The #DoodleTheory Challenge on Episode 1 of my New Podcast!

Today we'll talk about my adventures with the Doodle Theory Club Contest and drawing challenge but, first... (drumroll, please)

New Podcast Announcement

I'm so excited to announce that I'm adding a new feature to this blog.  Starting today, I have created a podcast called Nicoletta's Sketchbook Podcast.  The mission of our podcasts is simple:  to provide you artistic inspiration in your creative journey.

These short audio programs are specially meant to make our artistic community here a warmer, friendlier, more enjoyable place.  The podcast also allows me to provide more details and insight into the art resources I share here in my posts.  I will do them as often as I can.  I sincerely hope I will be able to cut at least two per month.

(Note:  I will post all my podcasts on, a relatively new, easy and online streaming service that provides free accounts with many hours per month for your listening pleasure.  I am not a big fan of itunes, Stitcher and other services.  I have provided specific instructions on how to create an account on PodEngine at the bottom of this blog post, so just scroll down for help.  I've tested this site for you already -- please reach out to me if you need any help.)

On today's episode (first ever!), I discuss in deeper detail my work for the #DoodleTheory Club challenge.  

The Challenge and Contest

Nate Padavick of They Draw and Travel came up with an idea to create squiggles, or doodles, pass them out to his artist friends, and see how different each doodle was.  

Nate's sister, Salli Swindell, runs They Draw and Cook, and together this bro-and-sis Studio SSS team turns out the greatest products.  I have given away their books before for our 2 Week MoDeRn ArT workshops on Skillshare.  In fact, here's the most recent book that I gave away but also bought myself a copy of:

(You can buy this on Amazon, too.)

Here are 8 of my entries to the contest below.  If you want to see the original squiggles, you can download them here.  The contest is officially over, but you can see how much fun this is.  If you enjoy doodling on them as much as I do (just listen to the podcast), then you will definitely want to pre-order Nate's new doodle book, arriving August 16.

I learned so much while completing this short drawing challenge, and I feel sure that I will build on this progress.  Specifically, you should anticipate a new Skillshare class is coming (Picasso, y'all!!!) as well as A LOT of new Art-o-mat paintings.

But enough of the extra fluff.  Now you gotta hear the podcast to learn what really went on with this challenge.

How to Access the Podcast (step-by-step)

1. Nicoletta's Sketchbook Podcast, Episode 1, is housed on  Use this link to get started.  

2.  This shared program link will take you to the landing page where you will click Join for Free.

3.  In the new window, you will enter your Name, Email account, check Agree box and click Join.

4.  In your email inbox, you will find a message from ats (dot) podengine (at) gmail (dot) com.  The Subject line will say, "Thanks for Joining PodEngine."  Click on the Enter PodEngine box. 

5. Create a password and a security question for your new, free account.

6.  You should now be directed to the Play Page on PodEngine and Nicoletta's Sketchbook Podcast will being automatically.

Thanks for listening!  I hope you find this podcast to be a deeper, more enriching experience for your artistic growth and creative inspiration.


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