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Art-o-mat adventure in Nashville

I had the distinct privilege to visit Nashville, TN, last week.  This was my first time in this amazing and vibrant city.  

Although one night it tried to rain, I saw beautiful street art, and spent a spectacular evening at Centennial Park and Vanderbilt University.  (More photos below.)

"As long as
the moon shall rise, 
as long as 
the river flows,
as long as 
the sun will shine,
as long as the grass shall grow."


My main partner in crime sightseeing was Shanell.  Here is my fav photo of us, possibly of all time, although we also have some great photos from grad school (good times)!

Love you, Shanell!

 Of course I had to stop by the Art-o-mat machine at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

I snagged these beauties from the machine.  The penguin earrings by Rachel O are an Art-o-mat exclusive.  My 13 year old daughter immediately claimed these as her own and wore them all day yesterday. See more of Rachel O's Fabulous Whimsy here.

Casey Virata is a Palm Beach, Florida, artist whose bright colors and bold patterns entertain every time.  Learn more about Casey's work here.

TPAC sports a vintage, mid-century green cigarette machine, 
refurbished to vend delightful art.

The light was challenging, but I managed to get pics of every artist in the machine.  

Currently, the bottom row is almost completely sold out.  

The demand for Art-o-mat art has grown sharply in recent years.

If you are interested in becoming an Artist in Cellophane, then you can learn how here.


Final fond memories of Nashville

Most days were stunningly beautiful.

Clocktower at Vanderbilt University at dusk

sculpture at Vanderbilt

Patterns and backlighting at Centennial park

The Parthenon at Centennial Park

Excellent reading for the flight home.  This book purchased from an artist contributing to They Draw and Travel.  Support artists and see their wares at the TDAT shop.


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