2 week MoDeRn ArT Challenge has begun

Now through February 27, my Skillshare students enrolled in my Abstract Art with a Twist class can work at a structured pace with daily emails that define steps to achieve the project goal.

All students who have posted a project by 11:59 pm EST on Saturday, Feb. 27, will be eligible for three giveaways:
an Art-o-carton from Art-o-mat ($100 value)

and two, $25 gift certificates from P.S. Sweets on Etsy.

So far, my students have blown me away.  They have been open and willing to share with me and each other their vision for their modern art project.  Each student has chosen a theme.  Here are just a few:
Hope/Despair, Ambition, Adventure, Love, and New Year/New Beginnings.

And here are some reference works chosen so far:

Sophie Pardo

Paul Klee

Frank Stella

One student has already completed a painting with his themes of:  

I think the lower half of Stellan's painting above looks like a mysterious castle in mountainous forest at nighttime.  It reminds me of decadent horror film settings like those in Crimson Peak

More images from my class coming soon!



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