Current art obsessions

Artists need other artists to help them stay inspired to create.

I've rounded up some spooktacular Halloween-themed projects in addition some gorgeous handmade art for your inspiration.  I hope that reading about these artists helps you get your own creative juices flowing.

Fellow Artomat artist Rachel O now sells her "Fabulously Whimsical" jewelry on Amazon Handmade, which just launched.  (Check it out if you missed it.)  You can also buy her beautiful fabric-covered earrings on her Etsy store.

photo: Rachel O's Fabulous Whimsy


Alfred Hitchcock gave us "The Birds," so we'll never look at another blackbird in quite the same way.  If you throwing a Halloween party this month, then you'll need these cookies.  Your guests won't know whether to be creeped out or to give in to deliciousness.  Read the step-by-step instructions at

photo:  Camille Styles


Off-beat artist for October:  Tommy Kane

Photo:  Tommy Kane's Blog

Every blog needs interesting photos and great little stories.  Tommy Kane's illustrations are interesting, and I love reading his short insights.  Take some time to get inspired today.


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