New Art-o-mat map

Recently, I got a check from lovely and gracious crew at Artists in Cellophane (a.k.a., The Art-o-mat folks).  This means that my Mini Masterpieces are selling again across the country at potentially new locations.  I was pleased to see that all my pieces sold in "new" (to me, at least) locations.  Art-o-mat is a wonderful idea inspired by artist Clark Whittington, and the goal is to make art accessible to the public.  For $5, you get 1) handmade, beautiful, original art, and 2) the chance to put a coin in a recycled cigarette machine.  Save the planet, expand your horizons... all at the same time!

Here's a map of all the locations where I've sold "the goods" across the United States so far:

New locations added lately where art lovers are enjoying a "morsel of a masterwork with a bit of art history" are the following:


I'm very grateful to all the art lovers out there who were so kind to pay their $5 to vend an original work of art from a recycled cigarette machine in these places.

Now, on the next batch of Mini Masterpieces.  In the past, I've focused on Kandinsky, Mondrian, Klimt, and Frank Lloyd Wright.  Next up:  Joan Miro.


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