Kelly's wedding dress sketches

Kelly is planning a wedding and looking at wedding dresses, and while that's exciting, sketching wedding dresses has to be the most fun thing in the world. :) So I'm having a lot of fun working on these sketches that we've been discussing over email. Feel free to vote in the comments section here or email us about which ones you like or why you don't like them. The main idea we wanted to achieve was a look in harmony with summer and the outdoors: free and light and flowing.

This dress is clean and has simple lines. She can use stark white material and use some satin on the piping/cinching at the waist to make for a clean summer look. She could also have a satin skirt. I have sketched some roses in her hair, which could be white chiffon material or real white rosebuds or white satin rosettes. Also, we are thinking that some chiffon rosettes in pale colors: peach, pink, foam green or pale yellow would be lovely. This dress is basic and could stand embellishment, if Kelly wants it.

It is entirely possible that I went overboard here on the fairy look. Kelly & I were discussing embellishments of chiffon rosettes and petals on the dress in pale peach, pink, yellow and foam green colors. I went ahead and added a lot of embellishments to this basic V neck dress so that Kelly could mentally delete what she didn't like. The sleeves are almost see-through and are slit at the top with a rosette at the shoulder. I added the sash for fun in front and see it as a wafty, chiffon peach length of material. I also wanted to give Kelly an idea for a veil, if she wanted to try one. This is more of a Jane Austen look with a fairy/medieval theme somewhere added. If it were truly a period dress (Jane Austen), then we would move the waist to empire length and have the horizontal line right under the bust. Kelly would look great in that, too.


  1. Nicolita,
    These are so cute! I like the second one best because of the simpler front and waistline. I don't think I want a veil (to answer your earlier question). :)

  2. I actually liked the first one best, but they are both lovely. I think a little color in the dress could be nice and roses in Kelly's hair!


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