IF: Skyline

This is not exactly a skyline, but it is a view from far below the steeple of First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, SC. We had an exquisite trip there on a gorgeous April weekend -- lots of inspirational painting ideas. Sorry this is a late post this week!


  1. ok thought that look familar, painting of it, and i agree charleston has a lot of great things to chose from to draw from.

  2. Awesome! I love the texture of the sky!

  3. excellent balance of values - makes it read very well

  4. A very nice picture, great colours

  5. Michael,
    This is actually "my view" of 1st Pres on Meeting St. I deleted the other tower (there are 2 that front on Meeting St.) -- just to simplify the composition. I really like to lay things out in a 1,2,3 style (tree, tower, tree). Just FYI in case you were scratching your head and thinking, "Where did the other tower go?"

  6. pyronik--
    Thanks so much for your comment about the sky! I really thought about that.

    I did this on watercolor canvas with a coral wash background as the first layer. Then I painted the sky with acrylic blue and white mixed loosely and with a heavy, impasto application. I really like this new watercolor canvas because it does a great job of allowing both thin and thick applications of paint.


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