Q&A: Work/family Balance for Artists

Because I am often asked to speak about careers in the arts, I thought a small sample of my normal Q&A session might be helpful to other women artists.

Q: How do you stay creative when you have a family to care for?
A: I look for creative things for us to do together. Go see a good family movie with inspiring art. Miss Piggy never fails to entertain or inspire! Then do an art project as a family. Drawing and painting are our favorite activities.

Q: What do you do when you are burned out?
A: I go to the symphony, watch films or read quality literature. That way, I'm away from visual art for a while, but I'm still reminded of the incredible depth of human creativity. It's amazing how fast I'm recharged to get back to my art projects.

Q: How else do you get fresh ideas?
A: I'm part of a local women's artist group. We meet to discuss business ideas, artist opportunities and to critique our work. When my "well is dry," these talented ladies inspire me. So it's important for mom-artists to take a break from the family and relate to other women artists.

Q: What's the most important thing to remember about balancing your family and your artwork?
A: To surround yourself with positivity AND to know how to refill your "creative well."


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