Modern Art Challenge: Cari's Project

This is a portion of Cari's final painting, which she titled "On Pink."

I am honored to share with you the progress that my students are making in my online Abstract Art class, hosted by Skillshare.  Today, I want to highlight the outstanding work of Cari.  You can view her complete project here.

Painting abstract art is not new to Cari, and she really likes Kandinsky.  She chose this reference work below.  The diagonal lines, colors, and shapes spoke to her.

"On White II" by Kandinksy, 1923

Cari did not know her color scheme yet, but forged ahead with pencil sketches.  Sketching is the artist's tool for playful invention.  When sketching, you mentally allow yourself to process the research you have gathered.  Then, you look at your compositional elements and decide what speaks to you at that moment.  Cari's sketches led to the inevitable success of her finished work.

Next, Cari added some color to her sketching, and settled on a warm pink background.  She continued to move elements (triangles, diagonals, ovals) around the page until she found the combination and placement she most desired.

I am grateful to Cari for sharing the steps that led to her final project.  Other participants in the class continue to learn from Cari's work.  Skillshare allows students to contribute in a collaborative and collegial environment at their own pace.

I look forward to sharing more behind-the-scenes progress from our class with you.  You are welcome to join us in this self-paced Skillshare Abstract Art class.

Our next workshop with daily email reminders and helpful guides begins on March 27. If you are interested in a more structured approach with some amazing giveaways, join us in our next 2 week MoDeRn ArT Challenge.

Have a beautiful and art-filled weekend!


  1. Wow, Nicole! Thank you for the lovely writeup! I'm beyond jazzed and touched! It's so fun to paint, but also so fulfilling to get positive feedback and validation! I love learning and trying new things, and your class was such a fun experience. Thank you again!
    Sincerely, Cari (Carella Herberger)

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Carella. I'm delighted to find your blog. I follow art blogs faithfully for inspiration. Now, Ink Bottle Studio is on my list!


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