Art-o-mat Live Demo at Travel South USA

On Sunday, March 6, Clarice and I painted live as Artists in Cellophane, also known as Artomat artists.  Artomat was featured by Visit Winston-Salem, the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, at a booth for the Travel South USA show at Benton Convention Center in downtown Winston-Salem.  

Clarice and I work on artwork for a refurbished cigarette machine that now vends art behind us.  Artomat was born in Winston-Salem and is the brainchild of Clark Whittington.  

WXII TV videos Clarice hard at work on her Artomat collection.

Herbs loves Krispy Kreme with headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.  

We met Frank Neef, master potter from Seagrove, NC, the pottery capital of the  nation.  Frank specializes in a crystalline glaze over cutwork pottery.  We promised to visit his studio during Seagrove's Celebration of Spring with open studios on April 16-17.

After having fun at the Travel South USA show, we headed to Krankie's Coffee for a much needed coffee and Artomat refueling.

Here is the Krankie's Artomat machine.

Today, I vended a lovely and inspiring piece by Jill Caporlingue.

Check out Jill's website!


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