Summer Fruit Bonanza

Brightly painted wood rounds full of fruit

I've gone a little crazy with painting fruit for Art-o-mat this summer.

This cherry from my Mini Masterpiece collection owes its origins to the painters like Matisse who were Fauvists.

(1899-1908) was a twentieth century art movement made of up artists who called themselves les Fauves, or the “wild beasts.”

Painters like Matisse, C├ęzanne, Gaugin, and Seurat contributed to this style and composed still life paintings with fruit in vivid brushwork and bold colors.

In this Art-o-mat package, I have depicted a subject (like blueberries, which are a superfood!) in a Fauvist style.  

I hope these miniature originals brightened your day with hopeful, uplifting color.

My almost 2 year old, Nate, thinks these wood rounds are puzzle pieces.

He and Alex like to "help me" work on them.

While I worked on this batch last Father's Day weekend, we were missing our oldest child, Clarice, who was soaking up the German culture in Europe.

We are super glad to have her back at home now.

This batch marks my 10th ever batch of Mini Masterpieces for Art-o-mat.  

To date, I have painted over 1,400 handmade works of art for the affordable art movement called Art-o-mat.

Love Notes from Clients

Here's a picture from a satisfied customer who vended a wood round ornament from work I completed in May.
This little Matisse coral wood round ornament was purchased at Free Range Brewing in Charlotte, NC.  Thanks to customers and to FRB for supporting Art-o-mat.

And thank you for supporting handmade art!


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