Fruit Sensations: Late May Art-o-mat

Latest Batch of Mini Masterpieces for Art-o-mat

I never realized until now that my love for eating fruit would come out in my artwork.


I kid you not that this banana was originally going to be the moon from Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting.


In fact, while on a business trip to Washington, D.C., I had read 3 books on the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh.  I have no reason to provide you with why I painted an orange next -- except that I really wanted to add an iridescent gold highlight.


All of the fruit represented here was inspired by Fauvist painters including American painter Alfred Maurer, French artist Henri Matisse, and even Paul Cezanne.  However, I really enjoy Auguste Renoir's treatment of strawberries in this late Impressionist painting from 1905.

And besides, who doesn't love strawberries?


My goal was to capture the fun and vibrant nature of each fruit.  In the Fauvist movement, artists saturated their canvases with color.  To learn more about Fauvism, check out this excellent summary on The Art Story's website.

Here's a little something extra that I hope to build on in the future.

See you again soon!



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