Art-o-mat Excursion: Radio Room in PDX

On a recent business trip to Portland, Oregon, I had to take a side trip to see the Radio Room restaurant.

The Radio Room is an Art-o-mat host, and I know that some of my work has sold here in the past.

My outstanding cab driver Valeiry hails from Portland via Siberia.  He was so wonderful to get me to the Radio Room and back to my hotel during rush hour -- just so I could have the treat of seeing this place and dining there.

Artists In Cellophane:  Do you see your artwork?  Obvious Front was out when I visited. 

Here is another view. 

 Even more Artists In Cellophane represented here.  I wanted to buy all of them...

...but I settled on this Woodland Baby, which I had never seen before.  This is by Margie Leslie.

 Check out Margie's attention to detail.  My kids are going to love adding this to our Art-o-mat collection.

This is quite possibly the coolest Bingo light-up Board I have ever seen. 

The staff gave me this because I asked about the name of the restaurant. 

I didn't go to the rooftop or eat outside since it was a hot 90+ degree Tuesday evening, but this is an inviting place.

My last view of the Radio Room before Valiery took me back to the real world.  
What a great little excursion!
I appreciate hosts like the Radio Room for facilitating Art-o-mat's mission of making handmade, original art accessible and affordable to the public.


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