Latest sketches from the studio

Clarice and I started a Saturday '90s Dance Party in the studio that turned into the Best of the '80s.  I tried to keep my watercolors loose while listening to "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Clarice also wanted to hear Toto's "Africa," so she could learn the lyrics. So, it was pretty amazing in the studio today.

This is Alex's favorite sketch.  He brings me acorns, because he knows I love them and will eventually draw them.

A Lovebot for you, transmitting good vibes.

Alex tried out the circular sponge with some gouache paint a few days ago.

Alex with his classmates at school.

I started this quick sketch with some Koi and Sakura brush pens and then layered a black and white floral pattern on top.

This is my favorite new art book. Deborah Kemball's quilting and embroidery are amazing!  I don't sew much, but I have always been inspired by textile arts.

This is my Little Inspiration series that I need to adhere to some Art-o-mat blocks and ship off for sale.  (I'm also working on my other Mini Masterpiece series.  Time to get my stuff together.)  :)

Earlier stages... I always draw these freehand.  The point of this series (for me) is find simple, free-flowing joy in the making of the pieces.  It's really wonderful that they then provide happiness to others later.  I am so thankful that I participate in something like this.

This is an inventory card I recently received from Art-o-mat.  I got a sweet email this week from a Cosmopolitan patron.  Thanks so much, Javenah!

I'm glad Alex knows he's loved!  (And that he can express this through art.)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday,


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