Grace greater than fear

Yesterday, I talked with a friend I haven't seen in several months.  Although we never get to chat as much as we would like, I enjoyed the short time we had.  He looked good, especially considering the challenges he has faced lately.  Earlier this summer, his sister passed away.  I was thankful I had the opportunity to tell him that I had been thinking of him and saying a prayer for him and his family.

Later, I saw another beautiful lady who always wears a smile.  September 11, 2001 marked a day of national mourning but also the beginning of chemotherapy for her young daughter.  It is hard to believe that it's now several years since her daughter passed away.

The word "grace" came to my mind so often yesterday.  We are all in need of grace -- a word of encouragement, a hug, empathy.  Someone you know may need any grace you can impart to him or her today.  Despite life's imperfections, frustrations, setbacks, and disasters, we can extend all that's good in our humanity to make another person's burden slightly lighter.

I believe that grace can conquer fear.  I believe that each of us can get so weak and that we cannot find the light.  That's when grace appears.  I believe that by imparting grace, we can lead each other out of darkness back to the light.

I wish G-R-A-C-E for you today.


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