Inspiring Artists: Focus on Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Crunchy leaves underfoot, tiny acorns hitting the ground, showstopping color displays in fiery hues.  It's nature's last "hoorah" before settling down for a long winter's rest.

Here's just a sample of Fall's beauty from the North Carolina mountains.  My college minister, Cherrie, spread these gorgeous, enormous leaves on her windshield after a recent hike.  (Thanks for letting me borrow the photo, Cherrie!)

Another simple pleasure that I enjoy especially at this time of year is the work of artists who use Fall as their muse.

It's not easy for an artist to capture the explosive color displays and ephemeral beauty of Autumn.  I gathered a small sampling of the work of these creative people here for you to enjoy, too.  So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and take a moment for yourself to enjoy the essence of Fall before the cold winter winds drive it away.

Here is a quick sampling of artists who find their muse in Fall.

J E N N I F E R   C A V A N 

I have followed Jennifer's work for years.  Her specialty is oil pastel, which has an unrivaled hue and luster.  Jennifer lives in one my favorite places in the world:  Angelfire, New Mexico.  

You can see more of her outstanding landscapes on her website or her Facebook page.  

"Sweet Dreams" by Jennifer Cavan


S U S A N   G I L C H R I S T

Can you imagine how much patience you need to draw on paper with a miniature crow quill dip pen and a bottle of ink?  Susan Gilchrist painstakingly paints each little wrinkle of a dying leaf in her recent pen and ink fall leaf pieces.  

Her work captures the essence of the end stages of a life cycle. You can find more of her fascinating images of leaves on her Facebook page.

Susan Gilchrist, pen and ink


E M I L Y    A A R T S E N

I will leave you with a Fall poem by Emily Aartsen ©.

For November


They say it is the month of death,
But I have never seen such beauty in decay.

Remains of Autumn,
Still smoldering,
Cling to the branches,
And the earth is painted a thousand shades of red.

When a heavy fog smothers the ground,
Breathe in and let it fill your lungs.

It is at this time the world seems still
And the fear of winter is forgotten,

If only for a moment,

Before the light fades,
And we return to darkness once more.


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