How to choose your personal stamp for your abstract art painting

If you are enrolled in my Skillshare class on Kandinsky, then toward the end of the project, you will contemplate what to add as your personal stamp.
This is not a difficult task!  It all comes down to "knowing thyself." (My apologies to Mr. Socrates for paraphrasing his quote.)

There is a sure-fire method to figuring out what you are passionate about at this moment.  Take a walk through your sketchbook and you'll see.

Let's take a gander at my sketchbook as an example.

Some stylized floral designs...

with some paisley designs coming from Eastern influences...

a little bit of William Morris textiles, with a floral motif...

random geometric and Celtic designs...

I'm sensing a floral theme...

hmmm... geometrically-drawn floral themes...

Incan designs that contain both organic (curvy) and straight (geometric) lines...

East Indian designs with (shocker) florals...

Goodness gracious.

OK, I get it.

Do you see what I see?  If I had looked into a crystal ball and then written a letter to myself a month or so ago, it would have said:

Dear Nicole, 
You will be obsessed with floral patterns in your sketch work. Although the natural world has more elements in it than symmetrical flowers, your eyes will not absorb anything else. 
Sincerely yours, 
Clairvoyant Nicole

Now that I have taken the time to review my sketchbook, it's easy to see that I need to use a floral motif in my personal stamp.  What's an artsy girl to do in this situation?  Run out to her local arts and crafts store and buy a flower stencil.

(Note:  You can make your own design, and do not have to make a purchase.  I just found an excuse to buy art supplies, which is a guilty pleasure.)

This is how I turned my Kandinsky Circle into a Kandinsky Rose.  I chose to apply the stencil slightly off-center because, you know, I want people to think I'm unpredictable in my old age.

Please let me know how you came to decide upon your personal stamp.  I would love to see your sketchbook photos or hear your stories.  I'm waiting right here on the other end of this paper cup and string telephone we call the internet.  

Stay inspired!



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