Paintings: some finished, some in progress...

My next Art-o-mat series of Mini Masterpieces will be in honor of the great Joan Miro'

so many great ideas here for Art-o-mat


Alex got a little excited when I hung up my painted gourds to dry on the porch.

I am prepping these for Deck the Halls, a Sawtooth School for Visual Art Holiday Fundraiser

These light-weight gourd ornaments are nowhere near finished.  They will eventually have a Mondrian palette:  red, blue, and yellow on white.


 I incorporating more mechanical elements into my subject matter.  All things steampunk and Industrial Revolution are finding their way into my work somehow these days.

Kandinsky Bike Gears no. 1

Kandinsky Bike Gears no. 2

Started this Kandinsky-inspired gear painting this summer...



Some Kandinsky-esque backgrounds for some future paintings.


Jackson Pollack-related spurt for me.  These were so much fun to make.


Didn't know exactly what direction these small paintings were going in when I started.

I love texture and am finding new ways to incorporate it into my paintings.  
Burlap is my new favorite thing lately.  
And of course, bright colors!
I'm finding a print-making quality showing up in my work.  
I think this is a result of finding inspirational prints from other artists on Instagram, in actual history (Kandinsky and the Bauhaus artists), and elsewhere.


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