12 steps to being a better artist

How to grow as an artist

Just sharing some ideas that may be helpful for you, too.

1.  Commit to sketching.  

2. Get outside and O-B-S-E-R-V-E.

3.  Paint things even if you don't think they will work out.  You will not learn by not trying.

4. You don't have to have a plan for everything.

5.  Learn from your mistakes.

6.  Stay committed to sketching...

7.  ... no matter where you are, even on a plane.

8.  It's important to get the ideas out of your head and on to paper.  
These could be the building blocks of future work down the road.

9.  Smile!

10.  Be grateful for the beauty you see every day.

11.  Take time out to be with positive people.

12.  Drink in other art to keep you inspired.

Following these steps has kept me focused on improving my art.  
Recently, I have had an evolutionary breakthrough.  
When I look back on why this happened, I think it's probably because I just kept sketching, even without a solid plan for my larger work.
The best thing about sketching is that it gives you room for failure, so you can learn from your mistakes.
Sketching breaks us out of the paralysis we experience with failure and with fear of failure.
I hope you, too, can make a commitment to sketching, even if you have to steal a few minutes on a really hectic day.  Eventually, it will pay dividends.

Happy sketching!


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