More Tiny Sketchbook drawings

The Rest of my Tiny Sketchbook

Earlier, I posted the first few pages of my little book that I completed for the The Sketchbook Project.

Working on a silhouette was new to me.  I really enjoyed learning about the basic distinguishing characteristics of specific trees from this exercise.

True Confession:  I love blueberries so much that I eat them every day!

Another confession:  I have tried to keep alive an echeveria bluebird alive for some years.  Let's just say some years are better than others.

Fun fact:  My Dad used to build log homes out of Western and Eastern Red Cedar.

I used to get weeping junipers mixed up with cedar trees until I did this exercise.

Study nature, Love nature, Stay close to nature.  It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright

Originally, I was going to draw more birds (a favorite subject) in this sketchbook, but I probably needed a larger format book.  Still, this little guy made an appearance.

This loblolly pine tree is growing on the side of the highway near Nags Head, North Carolina.

Tamarack larch trees are not really supposed to grow in North Carolina climates.  Yet, I am positive I have seen some in the Blue Ridge mountains.  They are mysterious and unique.

The model for this bald cypress was growing in briny water.

I needed at least one countryside scene with rolling hills in my sketchbook.

Adopt the pace of nature:
Her secret is patience.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I thought this was pyracantha but I could not find out the name of my model bush here.

These are all over my yard every fall.

I included more camellias in this book because they are some of my most loved flowers.  

They bloom in the coldest of winter (February) and remind us that spring is on her way.

We have lots of pyracantha where I live, but I did not know until this journal that their common name was "firethorn."

The more I continued to draw in this journal, the freer I became.  

Sometimes I get whimsical and focus on rhythm and elegant lines in my sketches.

I completed the book right before St. Patrick's Day.

If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity... those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable. - Ranier Marie Rilke

Thank you for following this blog.
I hope you enjoyed my Tiny Sketchbook.


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