Art Podcasts + an app worth sharing

I wanted to share this techie edition of my monthly newsletter, Creative Break, which features art podcasts and one app you will want to explore.

Enjoy these things worth sharing!

1. The Artcurious podcast provides interesting deep dives into art, history and even stolen paintings.  You will want to add this award-winning podcast to your playlist.

2.  Arts advocate Myka Burke interviews several female artists in individual interviews on her podcast celebrating the Articulations exhibit from late 2017 in Canada.

3.  Art teachers and those who work with children should not miss the Art of Education Radio podcasts featuring topics like science-based art ortaking risks in the curriculum.

4.  The NC Arts Council has rolled out a new podcast focused on makers from the state.  Check out the 50 for 50 programs here.

5.  The new Google Arts and Culture app's selfie/art matchup feature went viral in late January 2018.  Check it out if you haven't already.  I am evidently the spitting image of a baby painted by Mary Cassatt:  firm evidence that I'll never be taken seriously as an adult.  :)

Why are selfies not a new thing?  Google explains that they have been around for a while in this cool article
Thanks for reading!  If you like this newsletter, saw something cool you want to share, or have a comment, drop me a line at nicole (at) nicolettaarnolfini (dot) com.


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